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the blonde behind the brand

I grew up the middle child in a trio of sisters referred to as "The Roberts Girls" by those who knew us. My earliest memories involve rinsing steers and working sheep in Crocs and basketball shorts, and I can't tell you how much I love the smell of clean shavings and fresh cut hay.

Simply put, I love the livestock industry, the rural way of life, and the people who make it so great. 

My family raises club lambs and Hereford cattle in northeast Wisconsin and my husband, Brady Bobendrier, is a fifth generation Hampshire sheep guy from southwest Minnesota. We spent our college days on the judging team together and now live on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border and travel around the Midwest between each of our family farms, stock shows, state fairs, sales, and my photo gigs.

I genuinely feel that it is my calling in life to serve rural America by promoting good livestock and capturing the people and way of life we all live and love.


The good Lord gave me a desire to see others succeed, a creative eye, and a love for livestock - and combining all three to serve Him and serve others through this business is the absolute joy of my life.


"The barn taught them more than a classroom ever could."


-Keith Roberts


I had to interview my dad once for a project in college, and he said the quote above about the barn teaching us more than a classroom ever could, and I think that pretty well sums up my family and the way I was raised. We learned by doing, we failed, we persevered, we found success, and we became more determined people through all of it.

Not a girl boss.
A small business owner, yes.
A livestock evaluator, yes.
A photographer, yes.
A designer, yes.

I'm not too big on the whole "girl boss" deal. But what I am passionate about it is doing what you love and doing it well. 

This industry is saturated, but that's okay with me. I'm not here to compete with others, but to create authentically and provide the best experience possible to the clients that choose to work with BRC.


I'm most likely:

At the lake.
Cheering for the Gophers.
Eating ice cream.
Listening to Texas country.
Road trippin' to see friends.

When I'm not at a show, on my computer or on the road:

I'm ready to pack my camera gear + hit the road.
Contact me today to discuss your next photography or graphic design project.

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